The Smiley Lake House
on Chieo Lan Lake (Rachaprabha) start 2011. It is located about 22 km from the pier.
>Every bungalow have toilett inside.
>We have 42 bungalows (only 12V electricity), restaurant and about ~10 kayak.
>Daytime & night time electricity in the restaurant 220V, for charge phone or batteries in the restaurant.
>On the Lake house ONLY ais (1,2 call) mobile connection, no WiFi!
>Usually no moskitos on the Lake House, only on the mainland

If you like the Lake House you can stay longer, each additional night is 1000 baht per person incl. food, water, coffee and tea but NO tour (cave, safari)

Please note: On the pictures you see different bungalows, but sorry, you can not choose. The management will assign you a bungalow.

Khao Sok Lake (Chieo Lan) Map

GPS: 9.030560679508561, 98.64353656768799

Google Map:

Aerial view 2023

The restaurant 2017

Bungalows 2017

All 42 Bungalows with restaurant

Bungalows inside

All rooms with toilett/bathroom

all with toilet and shower

The A bungalows

In front of the Lake House

In front of the lake house

Guilin of Thailand

Landscape of the lake

From you bungalow you can see a great landscape

Mr. Bao on the longtailboat

The water is very clean and have most time about 30C.

In the night we have a batteries for electricity if you want charge some electric equipment.

Do you like fishing? You can do, but bring your own equipment. Fishing only outside of the lake house (with canoe) because the fish near the lake house are for looking.

On the Lake house ONLY ais (1,2 call) mobile connection!